Recent Work

Afternoon Pause, oil, 16x20

Summer Field and Clouds, oil, 12x16

Wind in Trees, oil, 16x20

Autumn Trees with Dark Water, oil, 20x24

Bright Foliage with Crosswalk, oil 16x20

Bright Foliage with Crosswalk, oil, 16x20

Up the Bank to Puffers Pond, oil, 16x20

Right Turn with Shadows, oil, 16x20

Summer Bouys, oil, 20x24

Winter Hill, oil, 20x24

Entering Turners Falls, oil, 20x24

Bright Sun with Strong Shadows, oil, 20x24


Winter at Power Canal, oil, 20x24

Tulips, oil, 16x20

Standing Alone, oil, 16x20

Blue Sky, oil, 16x20

Early Autumn Fields, oil, 16x20

Summer River with Clouds and Steeple, oil, 16x20 

Fall Foliage with Long Shadows, oil, 16x20 

Wake, oil, 16x20

Alone on Main Road, oil, 16x20 

View from the Bridge, oil, 20x24

Winter Water and Sky, oil, 20x24

Spring Reflections, oil, 16x20

Bright Sun with Soft Shadows, oil, 20x24 

Long View, oil, 16x20

Apples on a Plate, oil, 16x20